Established in 2010, Grande Ronde Chiropractic Clinic is dedicated to providing diverse diagnostic, rehabilitative and therapeutic services to our patients with our holistic approach. 


What is Chiropractic Medicine? 

The term "chiropractic" is derived from the Greek words "cheir" meaning hand, and "praxis" meaning practice, therefore "chiropractic" is treatment done by hand. Chiropractic medicine is a unique approach to patient treatment in that it focuses on the relationship between structure and function of the body. It is common for adjustments or manipulations to be made to promote realignment of the spine and other parts of the body to promote proper function, alleviate pain, and to support the body's natural healing ability. Although adjustments or manipulations are commonly used in chiropractic medicine, it is not the only treatment chiropractors utilize, many chiropractors partner with physical therapy and massage therapy as well. Although some patients may experience mild soreness or aching after treatment, it usually resolves within 12 to 48 hours and is considered a safe, effective and conservative approach for pain management.

Who can benefit from chiropractic treatment?

EVERYONE. According to the International Chiropractors Association, over 1 million adjustments are given everyday worldwide and complications are exceedingly rare. Our office treats infants to elderly patients and everyone in between. We are always happy to sit down and discuss if chiropractic treatment is right for you. Dr. McKeown offers both manual manipulations and adjustments using the Ultralign Pro Adjuster which is viewed by some as a more gentle, less invasive approach.

why massage?

Massage therapy is used primarily for relaxation, pain management, injury rehabilitation and overall wellness and it is commonly recommended by physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists as an effective route for symptom relief. Recent research indicates that massage is effective for treating cancer-related fatigue, low back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, reducing post-operative pain, boosting the body's immune function, lowering blood pressure, and reducing headache frequency to name a few. There are many different massage techniques a massage therapist can use for treating patients and we have found it to be very effective in patient treatment plans.

what is decompression therapy?

Decompression therapy is a process that alternates between stretching and relaxing the spine in a controlled manner. This creates a negative pressure between discs which can help pull a herniated or bulging disc back into place and promote healing. During this procedure, a harness is placed either around a patient's hips and torso (back decompression) or around the patient's skull (neck decompression). Though this treatment is not for everyone, many of our patients regularly schedule for decompression treatments as it has significantly reduced their pain. 

Look well to the spine for the cause of disease
— Hippocrates


Monday - Thursday

9 am- Noon

2:30 pm - 6 pm


  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spinal Decompression Treatments
  • Modalities including cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, and electrostimulation therapy.
  • RockTape Kinesiology Taping